Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I suck at blogging.

For whatever reason, the more domestic goddess-y I've become, the less time I find to blog about it. So I'm gonna try harder.

A week and a half ago, I swore off doing freelance design work for a while. This self proclamation suddenly felt freeing and empowering. I'm now free to do whatever I want in my spare time. I can take care of laundry AND sew a potholder. I can make a purse. I can doodle and paint. I can take cute pictures of what I've accomplished. The sky is the limit, but I find myself lost in the clouds.

Christmas brought forth a never-ending supply of items to make: I knew just what I wanted to do, and how to do it. I organized my sewing room and went forth on my mission. I stitched, and glued, and painted, and pinned, and cut and did it until my fingers were falling off. Enjoying every minute of it. I would get in my car after work, and on the drive home I'd imagine all the things I could accomplish that day, and couldn't wait to get in the zone.

After Christmas passed, the projects were completed and the gifts were distributed. I felt so accomplished. The first year I've actually managed to MAKE the gifts. And then I relaxed into a dark, furry, soft place, and stayed there.

I'm ready for the project mojo to come back. Sure, I made a purse, but it took over 2 weeks to complete. I started a potholder, but currently, it's sitting on my piano bench with more pins than a voodoo doll. I'm customizing a munny for an art show in Feb, but anything that could go wrong, has. I'm not short on creativity, imagination or ideas, I have at least 10 pages in my sketchbook full of future projects waiting to be born.

I just need that mojo back.