Thursday, August 9, 2012

I love my home.

I know that sounds a bit materialistic, but I wouldn't consider myself obsessed with THINGS.  I love my home and all the little things that it's filled with that make me smile. There are so many more things, but this is good for today.

My Collection of vintage cameras and some of my owls - all thrifted or gifts.

This globe was rescued from my parents attic, and the owls were thrifted by my husband.

I call this collection "The Natural History Museum" - it's mostly Marine, though. (That's a stingray barb in the magnifying glass.)

This collection is very special to me. It's made of military items from both my Dad and my Husband.

My Kitchen/Dining Room
Painting is a recent thrift, it reminds me of my grandmother.  Gas Can Guitar is a work-in-progress of my Husband's)

Basil and Chives in the kitchen window.

Owl cookie jar from Jason, scale and wooden fish - thrifted.

The mashup where everything fun ends up.

Collection of planters and succulents, thrifted.

My Girls and Back Porch/Yard


Deer head in the background - thrifted.

Theres a lizard in the plant, Lola is sure of it.
Our handmade path, and Lola waiting for someone to throw the ball.

I love all of the lizard babies on our porch. Lola does too. (This lovely hanging planter was my mother's)

Sweet bench - thrifted.

I'm so proud of the deck we built, and the funky edge we made.