Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Part 3a - Refinishing a desk...

I'm sure you're wondering - "Did she finish the desk?"  or  "Show us already!"

The truth is... I'm still working on it.  I've painted, sanded, painted again, and painted any touch-ups in spots that needed it.  I've also painted the INSIDE of ALL the drawers, to make it prettier.

What really slowed me down in this process is the drawer pulls.  I had decided from the beginning that I would throw out the old ones and get new ones.  But then, I started looking for new ones, and some were nice, some were beautiful, but none felt like they belonged with the style and paint job of this desk.  Until NOW.

Today (JUST NOW), I purchased a set of Fire Orange Vintage pulls on Etsy, and just can't wait to get them on the desk!  Here's a sneak preview...  what do you think?