Thursday, August 13, 2009

Life and other catastrophies.

Yes, goddesses, it's been a while.

Brooke and I keep experiencing life slam into us like a freight train, and something has to give.  Unfortunately, that's been Domestic Goddess for the past month or 2.  Interest seems to be on a decline, due to life happening to everyone else too.

I had a mini-breakdown-crisis yesterday, upon feeling the weight of the world and all its accessories, life started closing in on me like a garbage compactor.  It was a day of extreme ups, downs, frustrations, sadness and delight - pulverizing my nerves. I had to stop.  Just stop.  Stop thinking, stop doing, stop worrying, stop hoping, stop expecting, stop disappointment, stop obsessing. Just stop. 

And breathe.

I calmed down.  For about an hour, I just sat in front of the TV and watched it.  Didn't do anything else.  My mind was emptied.  I felt better, calmer, less on the edge of screaming.  And it happens to us all.  Things build up, especially when we aren't paying attention.  Soon we're choking out the goober coffee shop kid because he asked if we want whipped cream.

It occurred to me in writing this very blog, that there is a direct correlation to the weight of the world closing in, and the lack of me creating something just to create.  It is an outlet, a safe haven, and therapy for me.  I can so easily slide into the softness of it's womb, and keep my sanity by just creating.  The challenge is - doing something for a living that's creative = not being as willing to keep it up when I get off work, because sometimes it feels like work.

I've had my paints, canvases, beads, fabric and crafting stuff packed in boxes for 3 weeks now, since I'm moving in less than a month. I don't really have time to unpack what's been packed - I need to pack MORE.  And that, I feel, has partially led to my mini-breakdown-crisis. 

So I decided in all my enlightenment to dig into some stuff I've always wanted to do, and include the Domestic Goddesses in my projects.  So join me.  I'm planning to do one project a week. (until I move, and then start it up again.)  Please feel free to offer suggestions.  I've already come up with THIS WEEK's PROJECT: MAKE YOUR OWN SHAMPOO!

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Ashley Kilbourn said...

I have been feeling like this as well. I have everything in boxes, haven't been cooking eating out just about everyday.... and now I am sick. I WONDER WHY??

So tonight, I am just going to sit my happy but in a chair and chill.

The past month has been chaotic, with my miscarriage, my dads triple by pass and buying a mobile home ( which is not my first choice)_ that is so 1970's that the oven and toilet are gold. Yes, honey mustard frickin gold. LOL

Through all of this I have had one constant that has been nice and that is, my job. I work as an artist at PicassoZ Art Cafe, and lately my boss has been letting me paint whatever I want as long as it goes with certain quotes she picks out. I get lost in these little projects and when I stop I realize that 4 hours has gone by without me thinking about all of the crap that is happening in my life.

It's nice to be able to relax, even when your world seems to be a bit chaotic.
P.S. My project is getting my home in livable shape! LOL