Tuesday, September 15, 2009

But it's only September!

That's what Jason said to me.

Let me start at the beginning... We're moved into the new house, now known as Gilpin/Percy Manor, and Jason and I have been trying to unload all the piles of boxes that stretch across the garage.  (I have a lot of STUFF.)  So, last week I started making my way to the HALLOWEEN decor filled boxes (FUN!), and pulling out items for inspection.  I put out a few tombstones in the front entryway, skulls atop the bookshelves, and a creepy black wire tree and candles...  

Then I found one of my favorite pieces of decor - my flying demon.  He's so scary at night with the right lighting.  So I thought I'd catch Jason by surprise, walked in the house with the demon, and he loved it.  I started holding it up in different areas to see where it fit best.   

That's when Jason asked: "When do you want to start decorating for Halloween?"
I was stunned for a moment, and said: "I already have."
"But it's only September!!" he laughed.

I have been preparing for Halloween in my mind for at least a month or so.  And now that I have my own HOUSE, and can decorate it any way I see fit... it boggles the mind.  The options are endless.

There's just something about Halloween that makes me feel magical.  Not the same kind of magical that christmas offers.  A little darker brand of magic.

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