Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

How are you helping Mother Earth?

Today is a great day to start thinking about it if you haven't already. 

We'd like to hear your two cents: How are you going green?


sara said...

It's kind of a small thing but recently my parents and I decided to stop buying plastic bottles of water. Instead we now use a water filter and refillable bottles. I also stocked up on reusable bags from the stores I frequently shop at like Publix and Target instead of getting plastic.

Brookie Cookie said...

I have stopped throwing things away. Before I just toss something I brainstorm creative uses for them. Things like egg cartons and old dryer sheets have multiple different uses around the house! And it makes it so you don't have to take out the trash as often :)My goal every week is to only have one cans worth of trash on trash days.

Ashley Kilbourn said...

My husband and I are big on going green. You wouldn't believe how much money you save too!

We unplug all electrical devices if they aren't in use
We recycle
We have totes now instead of using plastic grocery bags
We make our own compost
We turn our air up to 80 and use a fan at night
We never really turn on lights unless it's dark out.
We DO not use paper plates or styrofoam
We use green cleaning products; laundry detergents, soaps.
And my husband recently has become vegetarian again, and I myself eat meat once or twice a week
Over cattle-ing is a huge part of the Green house effect and Global Warming.
And we've recently started our own garden so now we'll have fewer trips to the grocery store... HOPEFULLY!
We are really aware of how we use things around us and how we can make a difference just by doing the smallest of things.

Kerri Gilpin and Brooke Ernst said...

I'm now understand why farmers use so much pesticide. I've been growing my little porch garden, and have experienced aphids, and now my peas have these little silk producing tiny bugs. My spray isn't working!

-I've been turning off my air and keeping my blinds closed during the day - found out recently that AC makes for about 40-50% of the power bill. I've already noticed a change in my monthly bills.
-I turn off the lights when I leave the room.
-I keep cups from places I eat, and wash them until they're unuseable.
-I re-purpose a lot, make crafts out of many things.
-I drink a lot more crystal light - reusing water bottles or making a big jug of it.
-Brita Pitcher - great!
**I found a craft online for plastic grocery bags - making a tote bag out of it, I'll be posting it soon!**
-I Use coffee grounds as fertilizer.
-I Buy recycled materials, like paper, yarn, etc. I made a scarf with yarn that was made of 100% recycled water bottles!